Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Injury Games

I’m parked on my ass with what the docs are terming Achilles Tendinopathy.  My last run was  on 2 January which honestly sucked because of the weather and a nagging Achilles and foot pain.

There was a super article in the October 2014 edition of Trail Runner magazine by Sarah Lavender Smith entitled “The Injury Games”.  I have not yet settled on where I am with “The Games”.  I’ve been to the doctor once so far for an exam and x-rays.  He is concerned that I may have a torn or separating Achilles Tendon and has passed me onwards to a Podiatrist.  The doc’s guidance:  Don’t run until the Podiatrist clears you. 

I wonder where my 2015 race plans will take me.  I don’t like “The Injury Games”.