Sunday, December 26, 2010

16K Powder Run

With temperatures at -8C and sunshine pure it was an amazing day for a powder run! Like yesterday I ran mixed cleared and uncleared farm paths and trails. The vistas were breathtaking and the running was a challenge.

Running was great where the path or trail had either been driven or trampled down. It was much like running on wet beach sand. It became a challenge were either no one had gone before or very few people or vehicles had traversed as yet.

Today I was running in my Asics T9 gore tex shoes and have to tell you that I did not feel much of difference as far as the cold went from wearing my Vibram Five Fingers yesterday. Although the T9s are a conventional "water resistant" shoe given today's weather conditions (well below freezing and about 30cm of new snow on the ground) they don't offer much protection from ice and snow around your ankles. I suppose in order to do that I'd need a pair of gaiters. So at the end of the day (I had ice rings that formed around the collars of both shoes) I'm convinced I've got to go back out in my Five Fingers again.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Let it Snow

It's been snowing here like crazy the last couple of weeks and the entire time I've been dying to get out and try my Vibram Five Fingers in the snow. After lunch today the opportunity finally presented itself. I'm still undecided on how I feel about running them in snowy conditions.

Today the temperature was at -6 C; the ground was covered in about 30 centimeters of new snow. The surfaces I was running on varied from unpaved, uncleared farm paths, side walks and roads. Going was good on the paths that had a firm (non-powdered surface); it was tougher where the road or path had been cleared by a snow plow because of the ice (hurts a little more than rocks in general) and toughest in the areas where little to no clearing had occurred. Other than those areas where the snow had not been cleared I did not have cold feet. My ankles got cold after pushing through relatively uncleared areas after being exposed directly to the snow.

Where the path was snow covered and firm I made the best time and ran in the most comfort in my Five Fingers. It was much like running on firm sand and provided a relaxed and comfortable workout. This type of surface is obviously the most enjoyable to run in this type of minimized shoe.

I don't have a pair of Five Finger socks so I can't test that aspect. If the weather stays cold like it is now and people continue to walk around I'll give the Five Fingers another shot on packed down snow. Until then, it's back to my Goretex shoes and preparation for the BC!

Happy Trails!

Monday, December 13, 2010


Well... As you've likely seen here my last couple of posts have been about the winter weather that has arrived. I'm a bit surprised at how early winter arrived this fall. We're currently experiencing lows at the -6 range with highs running around -2. This is normal for January and early February, but late November and December... While running this morning I was thinking "Just make the best of it, no sense in complaining. Besides, it's great training for the BC 11." All of which is true.

I've been down almost two weeks with a nasty little bug I picked up along the way. I'm planning on running into work this Wednesday morning (that's where I started feeling like junk two weeks ago), and hope that I don't run myself into the ground. In general I don't believe that you can make yourself sick by being outside in the cold. While out this morning doing a 10KM I felt great and am ready to ramp back up my mileage. We'll see how it goes...