Sunday, January 22, 2012

NO UTMB in 2012!

Call it what you will... The luck of the draw? (Actually, yes - it was the luck of the draw). I won't be running the UTMB in 2012.

As of the 10th of January there were 10,000 runners preregistered for the 10th running of the UTMB. With only 2,300 slots open to amateur and non-affiliated runners the organizers hosted a lottery to determine who would participate this year. The results of the lottery were posted on 20 January and I was not among those selected to participate. The UTMB organizers offered a couple of choices to those not selected including: Participation in the Sur les Traces des Ducs de Savoie (TDS) or withdrawal and a guaranteed slot in 2013.

After talking with a couple of people that have run the TDS and speaking with the wife I decided to go with the later choice and took a priority registration in 2013. Going into this decision I was concerned that we might not be in Europe in 2013, but have now set that aside as an obstacle and either way if all holds up and participation conditions do not prohibit it (The UTMB Organizers plan to post the new registration requirements including the requirement to have at least seven race points from a minimum of three races on 1 FEB 2012) I plan to run in 2013. This race is one of those that even with its extreme focus on professional runners and the commercial side of things, get's under your skin!

So... With the 2012 UTMB now behind me it's time to concentrate on getting qualified and enjoying several of the other races I've got planned for 2012. Let's go run!

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