Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Run 2012

2012 has started with a bang!

Did a nice 10K this afternoon after returning from Switzerland where we celebrated the arrival of the New Year with friends. Temperatures were perfect for a nice short workout with no rain and a bit of sunshine every now and then. The snow we had a day or two ago is pretty much gone.

I'm still having a hard time convincing myself that I can become an afternoon runner again. I much prefer getting out first thing in the morning even though running in the afternoon has the advantage of running in daylight this time of year. The first two or three kilometers of today's run were just horrible as I felt like my gut was still full from lunch. Uggggghhh. It took getting out to about the halfway mark before I started getting into today's run. Once there things settled and all was good.

Nope, didn't see this nice fountain during today's run, but did see it two days ago while running from Tuebingen.

After a bit of research I've learned that this is the Schwabentreue Fountain located in the
into the Naturpark Schönbuch near Weil i. Schönbuch. It was christened in 1940 by two sisters out of Stuttgart in memory of their brothers that were lost on the field of battle.

Schwaben Treue Brunnen - 1940
(For further information on this fountain see the link above; select Gebiet D)

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