Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Week in Running No 6

OK... You must forgive me; I missed a week in running last week. I came down with an evil virus starting on about Tuesday and was bedridden from Thursday through Saturday evening. Nasty stuff! This past week found me back on track, I hope...

M: 10KM + 10KM Bike - 149lbs
T: 10KM - 151lbs
W: 10KM + 10KM Bike - 150lbs
TH: 10KM (Hill Repeats) + 5 Fingers - 150lbs
F: 10KM + 5KM + 5 Fingers - 150lbs
S: 40KM - 150lbs
SU: 5KM - 149lbs

Total: 100KM
Average Weight: 150lbs

The week ahead is a tapper week in anticipation of the TU which takes place on Saturday, 3 July. I'm fired up!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pre-TU Run

I did my last long pre-thueringenULTRA run this morning. I had initially started out to do a 50KM, but in retrospect am glad I only did a 40K. I ran out of drinks...

In January I did a 55KM training run with my 3.5L camelbak bladder and two additional bottles - had drinks left over. Summer has set in here finally and as the day unfolded it got a little warm. A huge lesson for next weekend and the TU. Aside from the fluids issue everything else went fine this morning nutritionally.

UTMB Newsletter No 4

The fourth UTMB Newsletter is out and asks that question...


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Watzmann Summit

The Watzmann Range includes Germany's
second highest mountain peaks. I've been
trying to summit for the past three years; was held
up by weather, equipment and know-how.

This year a team of 10 of us hiked and climbed
the Hocheck (2651m) and the Mittelspitze (2713m).

The experience was tremendous. In preparation for
the UTMB I now know that I've got to get back
into the gym and on a bike to work and develop my thighs,
hips and core.

Watzmann Sunrise

0450 - 0511 Wednesday, 9 June 2010
Watching the sun come up is an amazing experience filled
with anticipation and reward. Brilliant...

The Week in Running No 5

This past week in running embraces the outlook "Diversification in interests, lifestyle, education and experience, and goals is the surest and most powerful path to excellent in both a cumulative and activity-specific sense."

I ran a total of 18KM this past week, but as I mentioned last week I spent most of the week in the Bavarian Alps hiking and climbing. I accomplished three of the near term goals I set out for myself 1) To watch the sun come up. (Am trying to do that monthly), 2) Push my endurance through sleep deprivation and exertion, and 3) Summit the Watzmann.

Here are a few photos with perhaps a comment or so on each.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Week in Running No 4

I mixed things up this week and just eked out a hundred... Next week will prove interesting; will be in the Alps Monday through Thursday. More on that later...

M: 10KM + 10KM - 154lbs
T: 10KM - 152lbs
W: 25KM - 152lbs
TH: Rest - 151lbs
F: 10KM - 151lbs
S: 13KM - 151lbs
SU: 18KM + 6KM - 150lbs

Total: 102KM
Average Weight: 151lbs

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Five Fingers...

After reading "Born to Run" I decided to check out what all the hullabaloo was about regarding running barefoot or minimized... Seems like everyone else was doing the same because it's tough to get a pair of Five Fingers these days...

I've been running off and on in my Five Fingers since April 2010 and am convinced that they're a good deal. When running in them you experience a totally different work out, particularly in your calves and the foot itself. Because I've stepped into the unknown with these things I've been mixing them up with regular street and trail shoes. I ran a 13KM hill run today in them, actually the farthest I've run in them to date over mixed surfaces and am happy to report that they were great.

Be careful about taking off over mixed surfaces, particularly gravel. You feel the road and can quickly develop stone bruises on the balls of your feet.