Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week in Training

Set out this week with every intention of running a medium distance week. That changed rapidly last Saturday when I slipped and fell on some ice. At the time I didn't think much of it, but on Sunday my knee had swollen and was somewhat painful. OK... Now time to rest and recover.

I didn't run on Sunday or Monday, but gave Tuesday a go with a light 5KM which went well. On Wednesday I put in a medium paced 10KM and everything was looking fine. Thursday got in a hilly 13KM with a touch of pain, but nothing serious. If it's not one thing it seems it's always another. Thursday evening I started feeling crappy and by Friday felt like I had the flu coming on. So... with a headache that started Thursday and that did not let up until Saturday evening I've taken the rest of the week off.

The weather has changed for the colder here the last day or two and I couldn't wait to get back out. I got in a slow 10KM this morning and hope to get another one in this afternoon with the wife. I'm starting to feel the pressure of the Brocken-Challenge which is just right around the corner on 11 FEB 12. Which reminds me of something else...

Read a great article over at The Logic of Long Distance Running (see sites I follow) entitled Running as Aesthetic Rebellion earlier this week. Super insights into running as play and the pressure of the current environment in which we live.

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