Thursday, February 2, 2012

2013 UTMB Registration Requirements

The latest information on registration for the 2013 UTMB has been published and I like what I see. The biggest changes involve the new requirement to have earned seven points in a maximum of three races during the period 1 JAN 2011 and 31 DEC 2012 and standardization of what I'll call "lotery loosers". "The eventual losers in the draws will have their 50 Euro deposit reimbursed. The will benefit from a double opporunity to be drawn the following year which doubles their chance of success. In the event of being unlucky a second time, they will have priority registration (without pre-registration) for the same race the year after on the condition that they have the necessary qualification points.

From my perspective this is good news in a couple of ways. Personally, I'm in for the "priority registration" in 2013. Secondly, these changes will reduce the demand on the limited number of starting places (2,300). What with 10,000 people pre-registered for the 2012 race and the backlog from 2010 - 2011 at least it's a way ahead...

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