Tuesday, February 21, 2012

365 Days of Kicking Cancer's Ass!

That would be as of today... Suck it Cancer!

On the Monday following the Brocken-Challenge 2011 where I ran a personal best I was diagnosed with colon cancer. That was hard to comprehend then and hard to relate to now.

On 21 Februrary 2011 I underwent laparoscopic colorectal surgery and had the associated tumor and a portion of my colon removed. My oncology board (it's kind of weird to "have" your own board) awarded me a T2N0M0 cancer staging (it's weird to be "awarded" something like that as well). Without going into a lot of detail on cancer staging a T2N0M0 stage is considered a Level II cancer where the cancer/tumor extends into the muscular coat of the colon. The approximate five year survival rate is generally identified as 85%.

I may come back to all of this with a bit more detail a little on down the road. For now, it's time to celebrate!

Life is good friends! Embrace it!

Photo by Rainer Holland taken at the Seeburgersee during the 2012 BC.

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