Saturday, January 1, 2011

UTMB 2011

All right friends... I think I forgot to mention this, but... I pre-registered for the 2011 UTMB. OK, I know - I was/am very tempted to blow the whole commercialized thing off. After all, the organizers still owe me 100 Euro for last year's disaster (they are still trying to figure out how to reimburse everyone), pre-registration cost me 50 Euro and I have to wait to find out if there will be a raffle, and if there is a raffle for start numbers I may get kicked, and chatter on the UTMB's web forum is not too friendly...

I don't know for certain what got into my head except the fact that the UTMB is still out there. It is reputed as one of the ultimate ULTRAs. And, I've not completed it.

So why all the questions... I'll figure that out in the next several months.

I'm off to register for the Thüringen ULTRA; registration should have opened today.

Keep running...

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