Sunday, December 11, 2011

Slow Week

You know the story... Rough week at work; Birthdays to plan for; and Christmas is right around the corner. This past week I collided with all of those and more. No excuse, but it wound up being a slow running week. I am however into some different things in the coming week and hope to get a couple of good ones in!

Have you seen either the Benefits of Giving web site or the I<3 to run FB page? Both are pretty cool from a web perspective. I<3 to run is a motivational page over on FB that is a lot of fun to follow. Benefits of Giving is even cooler in that it serves as a fundraising platform that enables individuals to raise funds for a nonprofit organization of their choice. Very cool stuff!

Even though it was a slow week this past week I did get a nice 13KM in this morning. Weather conditions were perfect (right at freezing and no precipitation).

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