Monday, April 9, 2012

Training Week Ending 8 APR

I went into last week as a new training experience following the Saaletal Marathon. Until now I had not turned a week of training immediately following a race. Turned out that things went really well.

Sunday immediately following the Saaletal I took it easy and only walked 5KM.

Monday I stretched and got in a slow 5KM run.

Tuesday I knocked out a 13KM and although there was a bit of soreness leading into it; the run was overall great.

Wednesday I put in a let workout in the gym and stretched.

Thursday I put in another 13KM with hills; again a bit of soreness getting into it, but things turned out well.

Friday I got in a nice 16KM (Gut Check) and felt super.

Saturday a fast flat 10KM (Sonnenallee).

Sunday I took off as we were traveling for Easter.

All-in-all a great week considering that the Saturday before I ran the Saaletal Marathon. My biggest concern was hitching on an injury, but things remain in the clear and I feel good. Here's to another good week of training...

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