Sunday, June 17, 2012

Week in Training - 17 June

I spent this past week concentrating largely on a temporary/new job I've taken on.  My biggest challenge is balancing work and personal issues with working out.  All things considered this turned out to be a pretty good week leading up to the ThüringenULTRA which is scheduled for the first weekend in July.

Monday - 10KM, Panzerstrasse, 150lbs
Tuesday - 10KM, Panzerstrasse, 150lbs
Wednesday - Lift, Legs (It was raining cats and dogs), 148lbs
Thursday - 13KM, Bärensee, 147lbs
Friday - 10KM, Sonnenalle, 147lbs
Saturday - 21KM, Holzgerlingenhauslauf, 147lbs
Sunday - 21KM, Grafenaulauf, 145lbs

The back-to-back halves were a surprise as I'd not done one of those since May.  No issues on either with good times to boot (1:45 on Saturday and 1:50 on Sunday).

Total Mileage:  85KM

Let's see what the next week brings...

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