Sunday, January 6, 2013

Week in Running 31.12 - 6.01.13

This past week, the first of 2013 was a fantastic training week!  Am slowly increasing my mileage and continue the battle for time to get out and run some longer routes.

Early in the week I got in my usual fair of 10 and 13KM routes.  With few exceptions I can get one of these in before heading out for work.  I thought I could get in a doubleheader on Thursday and thankfully got in nice 10KM out here...

Not being the master of my own schedule the doubleheader fell by the way side based on things at work.  Starting out in the morning I almost convinced myself to stay in (it will be daylight this afternoon and you'll have time to do at least a 20KM), but thankfully I didn't.

I took Friday off to rest a bit with plans to run a B2B this weekend.  Saturday I got in a 35KM.   This morning I ran a Venusberg route and added a new route because of the Dreikoenigslauf (I completely forgot that it was going on today.).  Today's route took me over 20KM of wonderful countryside.

Next week is another UP week with increased mileage.  We'll see where it goes...

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