Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Seasons

are a changing...

I love this time of year. The mornings are cool and the days generally sunny. Looks like we're headed into a nice fall here.

Did my first run "commute" to work yesterday following the train-up for the UTMB and in preparation for the Alb Marathon and had an amazing time. I already miss the early morning sunlight which is fading day-by-day as we approach October, but do love the crisp morning air and the sunrises. Simply amazing!

I'm going to approach my train-up for the Alb Marathon a little differently than I have the other races I've run this year. I've developed a plan that rotates speed weeks with high-mileage weeks. Speed weeks will focus on hill work and 5 - 8KM fartlek rotations, while mileage weeks will include a minimum 13KM run with a weekly set of 25KM runs. During the week of 3 Oct I plan to get in two (Tuesday and Thursday) two-a-day 25KM runs. Essentially, back and forth to work.

Am a bit concerned about the compressed time line between when I started my train-up and the race, but am resting on the base of mileage and workouts I've gotten since my surgery in late February. I'm curious as to how the mix of speed work and mileage will play out over the 50KM Alb Marathon course.

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