Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hexenstieg Ultra 2012 Part IV

After passing through the finish line Andrea and Norbert Möhr passed us off to the medics that were on site.  Micha you thought of everything!  Although I could not complain about my health condition, other than wanting someone to drain my blisters it was nice to go through this formality.  The lead medic briefed us on our post-race medical requirements; they would check our vitals, once now and then thirty minutes later; and address any medical issues we had.  Temperature, blood pressure and heart rate were all in order; and I grabbed a beer and headed up to take a shower.

I have an issue that I want to speak with a doctor about to gain some advice and insight on.  Don’t know if anyone else experiences this sensation, but I’ve found nothing on it in my readings and study of ultrarunning.  This effect generally occurs after running 100 or more kilometers.  When I arrived in my room at the Harzer-Hof I dropped my race pack, had a long draw on my beer and began to come down.  As I came down I experienced a bone shaking chill where my entire body went into the shakes.  I jumped in the shower and cranked it as hot as it would go.  I got my shakes under control; got dressed and went down to have my vitals taken again and my blisters worked on.  I’ll come back to my issue of chills in a minute.

After having my vitals checked again, which were normal.  I talked with a couple of folks and passed on having any dinner.  Stephan had again set up another super meal for us.  I told Micha that I was going to bed and went back upstairs.  It didn’t take me long to get under the sheets or fall asleep, but as I did I recognized the second phase of the sensation I have following an ultra – my temperature seemed to sky rocket.

My face was flushed and I appeared to have a fever only in the upper part of my body.  My body swung between a burning flush and deep chills.  I ignored both and fell into a deep sleep.  An hour or two later I woke up fully bathed in sweat with my tee-shirt soaked through.  Fortunately I had another tee-shirt to sleep in and switched shirts at about 2330.  After changing shirts and going to the bathroom I returned to bed and slept in a deep, dark sleep until my alarm went off at 0625.

I got up on Monday morning feeling refreshed from the sleep, but deeply tired; packed my things and went down to have breakfast.  Again Stephan took care of us with a wonderful breakfast buffet.  It was super to chat with the other runners and be back within the lifecycle of the rest of the world.
Following breakfast Micha conducted an informal awards ceremony which I almost missed as I was outside talking.  After the awards ceremony it was time to say farewell and make my way back home.  What a fantastic weekend and race!  Count me in for 2013!

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