Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hexenstieg Ultra 2012 To Sum it All Up

Michael Frenz, Race Founder and Director put on an amazing event.  The organization, planning, resourcing and execution exceeded my every expectation.  Registration cost 100 Euro which included accommodations at the Harzer-Hof Hotel for the entire weekend, race tee-shirt, completion certificate, and Harzer Hexenstieg Hiking Pin, all of the support at each aid station etc. etc...

One idea I had, and yes, someone always has one even if it’s a perfect event...  I recognize that it is a cost factor, but it would be cool to get a “Challenger” tee-shirt similar to the one we got in 2012 and then if you completed the race within the allotted time limit, a “Finisher” shirt.  Le Grand Raid Dentelles Ventoux and UTMB do something very similar which is a cool gesture.  I think I’ll pass this idea back to Micha and give him a bit more work...

The Hexenstieg Race Supporters were the best I have experienced or run with.  TrailRunner Magazine recently ran an article on whole race experiences and how it takes everyone involved in a race to get runners across the finish line.  This was very much the case with the Hexer.  I know that I could not have done it without the support of the superb race volunteers that supported us for over 48 hours!

Stephan Zirbus and the Harzer-Hof Hotel provided first class support for the event.  The rooms, meals and service were perfect.  I endorse the Harzer-Hof and look forward to another visit.

The Hexenstieg is an amazing vacation and hiking destination.  Micha, top notch course selection!  I look forward to the next race you have up your sleeve.

What’s missing from this near perfect ultra mix?  The runners!  What a great group.  28 of us set out to take on the Hexenstieg with 19 finishing.  All participants were top notch.  I appreciate the friendship and camaraderie of the trail.  Hope to see all of you again soon!

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