Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Week in Running No 3

As I look back on the past week in running I must tell you that I'm pretty pleased where it took me. Although this ITB thing continues to bug me, it is not something that seems to be holding me back at the moment. I'm working on it with stretching and a roller. Oddly, the pain that's involved continues to move around along the outside of my left leg which prevents me from localizing and actually identifying what's going on. We'll just see where it takes us.

M: 10KM - 150lbs
T: 10KM - 150lbs
W: 25 + 25KM - 152lbs
TH: Rest - 151 lbs
F: 10KM - 150lbs
S: 10KM - 151lbs
SU: 10KM - 150lbs

Total: 100KM
Average Weight: 150lbs

Am looking forward to the next week. I hope to knock out a couple of long runs and will spend Friday and Saturday hiking in the mountains.

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