Sunday, March 11, 2012

Graf Ulrich Run

While gearing up for the Saaletal Marathon and the Hexenstieg at the end of April I set out this morning to find and run a new 30KM training route.

I headed out on our regular Max Trail from Ehningen towards Aidlingen with the objective of running out beyond
Döffingen following the Museumsradweg (Museum Bike Path). What a great trail! It's a mix of black top, gravel and trail coursing adjacent to the Wurm River with a good bit of elevation change throughout.

When I got just beyond
Döffingen I came across this monument to Graf Ulrich von Württemberg.

(Click the picture for an external link on the monument (auf Deutsch).)

The Graf Ulrich "Gedenkstein" is located just outside the village of Grafenau. It was dedicated in 1888 to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Graf Ulrich's demise at the Battle of Döffingen in 1388. This significant battle was the largest and bloodiest battle of the Fourteenth Century in southern Germany. This battle, recognized later as the key battle of this war saw the Landed Royalty fighting the Free Reich States of the period. The battle saw the defeat of the Schwäbische Städtebund and facilitated the establishment of the Kingdom of Württemberg.

The history of this place blows me away. Döffingen and Grafenau are tiny villages. It's amazing that they played such a role in European history.

I spent a bit of time thinking about Graf Ulrich after finding this monument. Enjoyed the rest of this long, slow Sunday run. Am looking forward to running it again next week.

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