Saturday, March 24, 2012

Things that Make You Go Hmmmmmm... Tor des Géants

Sorry... Short post I neglected to mention this earlier...

I stumbled across the Tor des Géants a day or two ago while reading another article over on Trail Runner magazine.

Am toying with this as another long-term goal. Think about it: The event travels over much of the same terrain as the UTMB; the course is... Wait for it: A journey of 330 Kilometers that runs along spectacular paths of the highest mountains in the Alps with over 24,000 meters of elevation change. There are no compulsory stages, the winner is the runner who completes the race in the shortest time. The race closes after 150 hours. Cool!

Registration for the 2012 Tor des Géants has closed, but. This is definitely something to keep an eye on and consider. Long and hard.

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