Saturday, March 24, 2012

Slow Week, but Lots to Learn

Was headed into this week with many plans of going long again. As luck would have it that was not to be.

Monday morning I started feeling under the weather. I should have listened a little more closely to my body. I shrugged tired and down feelings off as work related and went on from there. Headed into work on Tuesday and felt smoked by the time I got there. I quickly knocked out a project I was working on and headed back home.

I spent Tuesday and Wednesday in bed trying to shake this crud off. Not sure what it was or where it came from. By Wednesday I felt ready enough to head back to work on Thursday, but not yet fit enough to run or work out.

Finally on Friday morning I was able to get out and get a 5KM in. Felt really good considering where I felt the rest of the week. Got a medium distance run in this morning and am hoping to get back out again tomorrow for a good one.

The week was not all for naught (smile). I got some great reading in (Read four editions of The Economist (finally caught back up), almost finished with Jason Burke's The 9/11 Wars and ran across several super articles. I highly recommend No Meat Athlete over on Trail Runner.

The No Meat Athlete article ties back to my endeavors to pursue an vegetarian diet and lifestyle. The first sentence of the first paragraph is an eye opener. Something to think about!

Get out and get running...

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